award Market Technology Awards 2018 | Actuarial Modelling Product of Year

Numerix has won the award for Actuarial Modelling Product of the Year in the 2018 Market Technology Awards. Numerix Oneview Insurance is the next generation modeling platform designed to address the life insurance industry’s most challenging problems. Built on top of the core Oneview application stack, Oneview Insurance is a content-oriented platform that has been designed from the ground up to perform enterprise scale pricing, simulation, and projection of complex life insurance liabilities, general account assets, and derivative hedge assets on a model and scenario consistent basis across the entire enterprise.

An integrated platform for asset and liability management (ALM) and hedging that includes an economic scenario generator (ESG) for risk-neutral and real-world scenarios, Oneview Insurance also encompasses the Leading Hedge risk management and hedging tool for life and annuity products.

Read all the details about this award win in the PDF article.


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