Ted Pendleton

Ted Pendleton

Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

As Senior Vice President of Investor Relations, Ted focuses on evolving the company’s acquisition strategy. He uses his extensive industry knowledge and ecosystem of customers and vendors to look to acquire companies that will inorganically scale Numerix’s revenue growth, product capabilities, and personnel talent. Ted's deep expertise enables him to identify emerging trends, pioneer new markets and seize opportunity for M&A actions at the optimal time.

Ted rejoined Numerix in 2020 after a long and accomplished career with the firm that spanned from 2005 to 2015. During his previous tenure with Numerix, he established and built the Numerix Partner Channel, which now includes over 90 global partnerships. Ted was central to helping Numerix adapt to a new operating environment and scale its business as the company experienced rapid global expansion and revenue growth.

Ted's most recent experiences at three high growth SaaS companies have uniquely positioned him for his new role at Numerix. As President of Sybenetix, he applied his skill set to new industry segments, including trade surveillance and behavioral analytics. He worked to commercialize areas of the business, building out GTM and financial planning for the company, which led to VC investment and the sale of the company to NASDAQ.

At AlphaPoint and Chainalysis, Ted expanded his business knowledge to cryptocurrency and digital assets, including both primary issuance and exchange traded markets. In these roles, he supported $1-20 million in annual recurring revenue growth in 18 months, resulting in a $15 million venture capital rise.

Prior to joining Numerix in 2005, Ted founded, grew and sold his own company within the high-tech telecoms space, as well as an enterprise class ASP during the .com boom. He holds both Master and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Brown University.