Numerix is proud to announce the acquisition of TFG Financial Systems, the only real-time risk, P&L and position management system in the industry.


We invite you to learn more about this important milestone in Numerix’s continued progression as a leader in risk technology by watching a video message from Numerix CEO Steven O'Hanlon and exploring the resources below, including our detailed press release announcement on the acquisition and more information on Oneview Graph and Oneview Asset Management.

Advancing Capabilities for the Buy Side and Sell Side

TFG’s dependency graphing capabilities, at the heart of TFG's SaaS risk and portfolio management software and technology framework, will help to aggressively advance the real-time platform capabilities of Numerix Oneview for both buy-side and sell-side trading solutions. The strategic acquisition of this powerful technology will enable Numerix to introduce core real-time, distributed, event-driven processing capabilities into Numerix Oneview trading and risk platform to better serve its sell-side clients. This acquisition also grows the buy-side footprint of Numerix through the addition of TFG's turnkey solution, now Oneview Asset Management, which addresses the needs of hedge fund managers with real-time intraday portfolio management and risk management capabilities.

Numerix Acquires TFG Financial Systems to DELIVER Scalable, Real-Time Risk Platform of the Future

Real-time Distributed Calculation Engine with Graph Technology Aggressively Advances Numerix Oneview Trading and Risk Solutions
New York, NY – March 8, 2017 | Numerix, the leader in risk technology, today announces the acquisition of TFG Financial Systems, the only real-time risk, P&L and position management system in the industry. READ PRESS RELEASE »

Introducing Oneview Asset Management

Oneview Asset Management is a cross-asset real-time risk and portfolio management solution for asset managers designed to provide institutional grade technology through a hosted solution. The rapidly deployed, easily configured platform has the flexibility and ease of use required to satisfy any strategy or investment style.  LEARN MORE »

Oneview Graph Technology

The Oneview Graph provides the underlying “glue” that enables true real-time, event-driven performance of the Oneview Enterprise platform. A development platform based on a directed acyclic graph technology for constructing distributed component-based systems, the graph allows business components to “discover” and “talk to each other.” LEARN MORE »


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