The LIBOR Transition in 2020: Roundtable Discussion with Numerix and Greenwich Associates

As we kick off a new year, it’s of course commonplace to hear the phrase “new year, new me” followed by a series of resolutions. However, in the case of the LIBOR transition, while it may be a new year, much of the industry is still facing the same uncertainty.

As the industry moves closer to LIBOR’s planned 2021 transition, in this video roundtable discussion Ping Sun, SVP of the LIBOR Transition for Numerix and Kevin McPartland, MD for Greenwich Associates discuss their top LIBOR transition concerns going into 2020.

Register to hear this dynamic panel discuss the most important LIBOR transition angles from the trading to operations and technology.

You can also listen to our webinar to hear more about the findings of the research presented in the round table.

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Featured SpeakerS:

Kevin McPartland, Managing Director, Greenwich Associates


Ping Sun, PhD Senior Vice President, Financial Engineering, Numerix


JamesJockleModerator: James Jockle, Chief Marketing Officer, Numerix


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