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Derivative Path

Derivative Path, based in the San Francisco Bay Area with an additional office in New York City, delivers a cloud-based derivative trading platform to assist financial institutions, buy-side, and commercial end users in executing and managing their over-the-counter interest rate derivative transactions. After having led derivative sales, trading, technology, and compliance functions at major swap dealers, the team of industry veterans at Derivative Path developed this game-changing platform, DerivativeEDGE, to streamline front-, middle-, and back-office functionality, complete with connectivity to DTCC for swap data reporting, and to Markit for cleared trade affirmation. DerivativeEDGE is integrated with real-time market data, allowing users to price a wide range of interest rate derivative products seamlessly and accurately. Users have the ability to generate and analyze various reports, and the back-office functionality reduces the time spent on operational activities by up to 90%. The first-class system is also designed within a framework that aids users in automating their pre- and post-trade Dodd-Frank requirements related to the execution of transactions with commercial clients and dealer counterparties, as well as ongoing data and document retention requirements. To complement the technology, the Derivative Path team is able to provide the last mile services and specialized guidance for trade structuring, execution, and post-trade servicing to all of its clients that results from years of vast experience in the derivatives business.

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