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Login Acumen

Login SA, a Profile Software company, specializes in front-to-back-office software for treasury, derivative and capital market instruments. Its core product, Acumen/Acumen-net, are fully integrated trading, risk management and middle-office systems used by major financial institutions throughout the world, available in the cloud.

Login and Numerix

Numerix analytics have been fully integrated in Acumen-net, enhancing the platform’s ability to price a wide range of complex structured products, including interest-rate, FX, equity and inflation-linked notes and swaps. This integration is seamless: Numerix pricing libraries are called during trade valuation just like any other Acumen-net library using the Acumen-net API.

This partnership provides users with broad flexibility in terms of payoff patterns and option features. Our integrated solution also offers the distinct advantage of being able to adapt quickly to new structures in a continuously evolving market.

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