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New York, NY

Numerix’s LIBOR Transition Analytics Solutions Recognized in the A-Team Insight RegTech Insight Europe Awards 2021


Advanced Curve Analytics Innovation for SOFR, SONIA and other Alternative Reference Rates Secure Award Win for Numerix

Numerix, the leader in risk technology, announces it has the won the award for Best Regulatory Compliance Solution for LIBOR. As the first vendor with 100% support for SOFR and SONIA analytics, the Numerix CrossAsset multi-curve analytics library gives users the ability to price and calculate risk for a wide range of OTC derivatives and structured products, and the confidence to navigate the LIBOR transition with industry-leading alternative reference rate analytics.

“Numerix is committed to putting our users at the forefront of alternative rate analytics,” said Steve O’Hanlon, CEO of Numerix. “Whether at the heart of your Numerix solutions or integrated into other pricing and risk systems, Numerix CrossAsset can quickly and easily integrate cutting-edge ARR curves into your tech stack. We’re thankful for the RegTech Insight community and for all of those that took the time to vote for Numerix.”

Satyam Kancharla, EVP & Chief Product Officer, Numerix continues: “With both the US and the UK regulators calling for financial institutions to discontinue the use of LIBOR in new derivative contracts ASAP and no later than December 31, 2021, the discontinuation of LIBOR will be here sooner than you think. Market participants, especially those that have fallen behind in the transition, are finding their current analytics capabilities are not only inflexible and ‘black boxes’ but provide minimal configurability and transparency. Numerix offers the robustness and timeliness clients need to quickly start trading new alternative rates instruments.”

The annual RegTech Insight Awards Europe recognize both established solution providers and innovative newcomers that have successfully improved firms’ ability to effectively respond to the evolving and ever more complex regulatory requirements across the global financial services industry.

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