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Numerix Oneview Wins Best Agile Initiative in American Financial Technology Awards 2021

Numerix, the leader in risk technology, is proud to announce that Numerix has won the award for Best Agile Initiative in the 2021 American Financial Technology Awards hosted by Waters Technology. A modern agile approach was taken to bring to market Numerix’s new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Fully cloud native, the solution provides rich market risk functionality at scale, minimizing total cost of ownership.

An agile approach to project management and software development was key to Numerix’s success in 2021, enabling the firm to quickly react to the ever-changing needs of its customers, especially as traditional market risk management needs undergo a transformation. Today, Numerix’s SaaS solution enables institutions to access highly sophisticated risk management tools such as for risk analytics, XVA calculations, derivatives pricing over the cloud rather than through an on-premises system.

“Numerix’s SaaS model gives clients access to a range of capabilities that can have a tangible impact on risk management performance. It provides clients with advanced risk capabilities across all asset classes, in areas such as risk identification and analysis, stress testing and scenario analysis, XVA calculations, trade lifecycle event handling, complex derivatives pricing, and market data management, while removing the operational burden of running and maintaining the software,” said Satyam Kancharla, EVP, Chief Product Officer, Numerix. “In short, utilizing risk analytics through our SaaS model gives organizations more functionality and superior agility.”

Steve O’Hanlon, CEO of Numerix adds: “Moving towards a fully cloud native architecture will provide substantial benefits over ‘lift and shift’ cloud deployments and on-premises deployments. The cloud native benefits to clients include dramatically better performance, scalability, lower total cost of ownership, and many others. Thank you to WatersTechnology for acknowledging our DevOps efficiency in bringing this solution to our users.”

To explore more about Numerix’s risk solutions please visit: Numerix Oneview

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