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Numerix Pricing & Risk Solutions Win Several Industry Awards Across Asia-Pacific

Numerix, was named “Best Risk Management Solution” for Numerix Oneview in the inaugural WatersTechnology Asia Awards 2020. Separately Numerix Oneview won the award for “Risk Management System of the Year” in the FOW Global Investor Asia Capital Markets Awards 2020. Thanks to its widely used Numerix Oneview offering, both prestigious industry award programs recognized the technology innovations, new features and functionality of the diverse enterprise pricing and risk management platform.

“New features and improvements in the platform’s latest release have driven alignment, efficiency and consistency across capital, margin, and XVA analytics for Numerix users. In a world where financial institutions need to be prepared for a highly uncertain market environment, those in the front and middle offices know they need smarter, more intuitive systems to work with,” said Satyam Kancharla, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer of Numerix. “Fully cloud enabled, the COVID pandemic has also significantly accelerated the adoption of its Risk-as-as-Service capabilities, especially across South Asia financial institutions.”

The “Best Pricing & Risk Analytics Provider” recognition in the 2020 SRP China Awards and the SRP Asia Awards 2020 are the latest accolades for the company. By having a more forward-looking approach towards evolving regulations, as well as new and innovative XVA and market risk practices, Oneview equips users to think ahead in terms of both functionality and usability. Editors noted Numerix’s ability to capitalize on the pricing and risk management capabilities of its Numerix Oneview platform to meet the market needs and requirements for flexibility and customization across Asia.

“With all pricing and risk components able to be aggregated into the Oneview system, the suite of modules for XVA, margin, and market risk can be leveraged holistically to drive more efficient, consistent calculations and analytics,” said Steve O'Hanlon, CEO of Numerix. “While meeting regulatory requirements, Oneview users are also choosing to future proof their trading and risk operations and for that we believe the platform is fully deserving of these distinct honors.”

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