The following terms should be read in conjunction with the Numerix Software License and Services Agreement (“SLA”) and sets out the responsible use of Numerix's hosted platform on which Numerix makes available the Numerix Modules to Licensee under an SLA "the Numerix Hosted Platform”.

Licensee is responsible for ensuring that all applications, software, programs, and content which are hosted though the Numerix Hosted Platform are properly licensed from the applicable third party provider to the extent required in the context of the applicable deployment. The third party provider which Numerix selects to support Licensee’s use of the Numerix Modules under an SLA requires Licensee’s compliance with that third party provider’s terms of use which can be found at the links below; and it is Licensee’s responsibility to obtain and comply with such agreements. Licensee will indemnify in full, and keep fully indemnified on a continuing basis, Numerix with respect to any claims by third parties brought against Numerix based on an allegation that any such Licensee failed to comply with its obligations under this paragraph.

Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Service