Build Capital Market Apps Faster with NxCore Cloud

Find out how NxCore Cloud, the next-generation development platform, creates value for development teams and their end-users.

Capital markets are dynamic and fast-moving. Institutions have no choice but to constantly innovate in order to beat competitors, navigate market turbulence, and deal with an endless stream of new regulations. And technological prowess – or lack thereof – is a critical factor in determining how agile and competitive a firm can be.

With that in mind, Numerix set out to create a development platform that enables firms to innovate faster when building applications for derivatives trading and risk management purposes. The result, NxCore Cloud, leverages Numerix’s award-winning analytics plus the power of the cloud and the breadth of the Python ecosystem to give development teams the platform they need to rapidly build, test, and deploy new applications, so developers can innovate quickly while keeping project risk low.

Join NxCore Cloud’s product manager, Daniel O’Connor, and Numerix’s Chief Marketing Officer, James Jockle, as they discuss this next-generation development platform and how it creates value for development teams – and their end-users.

Daniel and James discuss:

  • The core problem NxCore Cloud addresses
  • Key capabilities of the platform
  • Why a cloud-based development platform is superior
  • Some sample apps built with NxCore Cloud
  • How NxCore Cloud enables innovation and agility while providing enterprise control

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