Future Directions for Capital Markets Technology in the Digital/AI Revolution

This webinar is part of our ongoing “Derivative Insider” series. In this series, we interview Numerix clients and industry experts to learn their hard-won secrets and practical tips on building and leveraging technology for maximum benefit in their OTC derivatives businesses.

Numerix is pleased to welcome Neil Chinai, currently Operating Partner at Sand Hill East and formerly Managing Director and CIO of Global Fixed Income and Americas Capital Markets and Banking at HSBC, as he joins Numerix’s CMO James Jockle to discuss his outlook on promising new technologies and share hard-won wisdom from his career as a senior technology leader at Tier 1 banks.

Many innovative technologies are gaining traction in the capital markets today, but not all of them will prove equally disruptive or impactful over time. Having lived through many technology cycles over his career, and now sharing his wisdom as an advisor to up-and-coming fintechs, Neil has unique perspectives on which current technologies will likely provide firms with the best edge and ROI in the future.

In this webinar, Neil shares his perspectives on:

  • New technologies people should be paying attention to
  • AI and machine learning in capital markets, including ChatGPT - today and in 5 years
  • Cloud - deserving of all the hype, or a passing fad?
  • Monetizing your data - or someone else will
  • Top 5 practical tips on maximizing technology ROI

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