Navigating SEC Rule 18f-4: Enhancing Derivatives Risk Management Programs

Registered investment funds have until August 19, 2022 to comply with the SEC’s 18f-4 regulation which imposes new restrictions on the use of derivatives.

In this webinar, experienced Derivatives Risk Manager, Gary Mandelblatt of NextGen Strategic Advisors sits down with Numerix’s CMO Jim Jockle to discuss the implications of SEC 18f-4 on fund companies, the challenges Derivatives Risk Managers face in achieving compliance with the rule, and the benefits funds may realize with optimized risk and technology operations in place.

With the deadline fast approaching, many funds are discovering that the 18f-4 compliance effort is significantly more complex and time consuming than estimated, and are realizing that:

  • Calculating VaR is more complicated, challenging and time consuming than expected
  • The Derivatives Risk Manager expertise and time commitment requirements are greater than anticipated
  • Compliance costs exceed management expectations
  • Implementation time is running out

In this webinar gain a clear perspective on what actions must be take now to comply with the new regulation and gain an enhanced risk management approach for your derivatives operations.

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