Technology and Human Disruptors Impacting the Capital Markets
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Technology and Human Disruptors Impacting the Capital Markets

In today’s rapidly transforming capital markets dynamics, awareness and understanding of the likely impact of various technology and other disruptors is critical to the success of financial firms and fuels the need for them to adapt to new drivers that will shape the way capital markets operate in the future.

In this whitepaper, Jim Jockle, Executive Vice President and Numerix’s Chief Marketing Officer, meets with Ilja Faerman, Head of EMEA Client Solutions Group, Numerix, to discuss how certain technology and human trends are transforming the capital markets ecosystem, including:

  • The value blockchain offers to the financial services industry.
  • Technology innovations in e-trading.
  • Market data challenges.
  • How legacy technology architectures can result in risk management vulnerabilities.
  • The struggle for human talent.

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