PnL Explain: Strategic Trading Book Insights for Traders, Risk Managers & Other Stakeholders

Krupal Rachh, Executive Director and Market Risk Product Management, Numerix
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Learn how the PnL Explain analytics in Numerix Oneview can provide you with critical insights to inform your daily trading and risk decisions.

Krupal Rachh, Executive Director and Market Risk Product Management, Numerix  

PnL (Profit and Loss) Explain analytics have been used by traders and risk managers for years across the sell and buy side alike. It is typically used to understand key drivers of risk and to obtain actionable hedging and portfolio positioning insights.

With the rise in multi-asset class portfolios and the need to navigate volatile markets, firms are finding that closely monitoring the various risk factors that impact PnL has become of high significance.

Sign up for our on-demand solution webinar and learn about Numerix’s PnL Explain analytics in Oneview and how they may provide you with important insights as you perform your daily work.

During this webinar, Krupal covers:

  • The use case for PnL Explain analytics and their main benefits
  • How Numerix Oneview users can extract value from these analytics
  • A live PnL Explain demonstration


Featured Speakers:

Brian LiPresenter: Krupal Rachh, Executive Director, Market Risk Product Management, Numerix

Krupal Rachh is the lead Product Manager for Market Risk at Numerix. He is responsible for overseeing Market Risk product development which caters to banks, insurance firms, and other financial institutions to meet their needs for Value at Risk, risk sensitivities, stress testing and hedging.

Prior to joining Numerix, Krupal spent over 10 years in the banking and insurance domains focusing on product pricing and market risk management. On the banking side, Krupal worked at State Street, and on the insurance side, he worked at Milliman and Munich RE.

In his prior roles, Krupal was responsible for the pricing and structuring of variable annuity and fixed index annuity guarantees for reinsurance transactions. He also managed variable annuity hedge programs, including the generation and supervision of hedging and trading signals and performance attribution to individual risk factors in embedded variable annuity guarantees and hedge instruments.

Stephanie_ChanModerator: Udi Sela, SVP, Product & Field Marketing, Numerix

Udi Sela has been active in foreign exchange derivatives markets for over 25 years. As a senior derivatives trader and trading manager at Citibank and JPMorgan, he developed expertise in derivatives spanning both vanilla and complex FX options. After his trading career, he has led product development, pre-sales and business development functions within a range of financial software vendors. Mr. Sela is currently responsible for product and field marketing at Numerix.



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