Key benefits

  • Comprehensive analytics

    Dive into the market with confidence, equipped with the most sophisticated cross-asset analytics and optimized performance for powerful decision-making insights.

  • Holistic view

    Achieve a multi-dimensional perspective of your derivatives and fixed income businesses, ensuring that every decision is informed by a complete understanding of risk and reward.

  • Optimized performance

    Fine-tuned for high performance, enabling you to manage complex calculations and scenarios with ease and precision.

  • Strategic adaptability

    Adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market with a platform that evolves with your business needs, ensuring long-term resilience and strategic agility.

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Optimize your derivatives pricing and valuation with a solution that promises speed, scalability, and efficiency. Streamline every step of your valuation process, from trade capture to model validation, for a seamless, integrated portfolio management experience.

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Market Risk

Transform your firm’s approach to market risk with the most comprehensive suite of analytics for a holistic view across the enterprise. Designed to empower users with on-demand insights, enabling more informed trading and risk decisions with advanced scenario analysis and stress testing capabilities.

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XVA & Counterparty Risk

The industry’s most sophisticated analytics, enabling traders to manage counterparty risk exposures, integrate XVAs into deal prices, and execute even the most complex deals at the right price.

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OTC Trading

From structuring and pricing to hedging, risk analysis, lifecycle management, and P&L attribution, our real-time infrastructure empowers issuers and distributors to seize market opportunities with confidence.

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Structured Finance Trading & Risk

Customizable analytics, seamless integration, robust pricing, and precise risk management for your fixed income and structured finance portfolios.

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Banking Asset Liability Management

Our Asset Liability Management (ALM) solution bridges the gap between portfolio economics and accounting, revolutionizing risk measurement and decision-making for fixed income portfolios. 

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