At a recent webinar produced in conjunction with Numerix, Modifying Market Risk Management–A Year After Covid-19, an expert panel discussed the changing nature of market risk management, and how innovative approaches to stress testing, technology and analytics are helping firms navigate these challenging times.

This paper highlights several of the key viewpoints expressed by the panel and explores some the current dynamics that are impacting approaches to and the complexities of market risk management.

Insights are revealed into these topics and many more:

  • An examination of the market environment during the crisis of 2020
  • How the pandemic forced financial institutions to think of market risk in broader terms.
  • The higher demand for computer power that resulted as the pandemic evolved.
  • The growing reliance on cloud-based services to expand compute capacity.
  • The pandemic exposed need to reassess risk software capabilities.
  • As markets become faster and more dynamic, firms will need to significantly increase their capabilities to leverage and process data.
  • How the dynamics of market liquidity have changed.

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