Innovation Through Fintech Partnership: Numerix + CubeLogic

How the Accelerating Pace of Technology Innovation Is Spawning Breakthroughs in Capital Markets Solutions

Can 2022 be the year of fintech partnerships? A perfect storm of conditions is brewing that will make strategic collaborations the right solutions for the right conditions at the right time. And that time could be now.


The associated benefits of fintech partnerships can be critical for capital markets firms in terms of:

  • Staying ahead of the competition,
  • Having the capabilities to support shifting consumer demands and market changes,
  • Opening opportunities for new revenue streams, and
  • Building a continually evolving tech-enabled ecosystem.

This was the driving force behind the combined products and services of Numerix and CubeLogic.

With Numerix’s multi-asset class pricing and risk analytics enhancing the CubeLogic suite of enterprise risk management technologies, numerous solutions have been deployed for the consolidation, analysis and mitigation of risk for energy, commodities and financial services companies.

In a new article, Karl Sees, Director, Global Head of Product Strategy and Marketing at CubeLogic, shares his expert insights and viewpoints on the market dynamics where fintech innovations may matter most this year.

These dynamics include:

  • Cryptocurrency pushing forward as a new asset class
  • The growing requirement for real-time enterprise risk frameworks
  • The introduction of blockchain technology in the energy markets
  • Addressing climate change risk in portfolios

To speak with Numerix and CubeLogic about how their partnership solutions can assist your trading and risk management needs, please contact


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