Sep 18, 2023

Introducing the Numerix Podcast: Navigating Trends in the Capital Markets

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a brand-new podcast series, Trading Tomorrow: Navigating Trends in the Capital Markets, which will be available on the Numerix website later this month. The podcast was conceptualized by Numerix CMO, James Jockle, and is intended to be a place where insights, innovation, and expertise in the Capital Markets converge. Check out a sneak preview below.

Jockle shared why he feels now is an ideal time to kick off this podcast series. “Through my 30-year journey in the financial industry, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand how the capital market’s landscape has transformed. The complex dance of market trends and innovative technology has redefined how the industry operates. With game-changing innovations just around the corner – we now stand at a crossroads – one where it is more crucial than ever to understand the interplay between these realms,” remarked Jockle.

What topics will we cover?

In our podcast series, you can expect to hear from financial industry experts sharing their views on current and future processes and technologies you need to be aware of as a capital markets participant. In fact, we have a full line-up of exciting topics and insights to explore with you, including:

  • Impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the finance industry
  • Four technologies or trends you should be tracking if you work in the capital markets
  • Industry survey findings revealing what derivative and risk management professionals should be focusing on now
  • Emerging processes in the energy market
  • Virtual reality (VR) trading desks
  • Blockchain asset tokenization and AL/ML for investing

You won’t want to miss this…

Stay tuned with the Insights section of the Numerix website and our social media channels on LinkedIn and Twitter to ensure you get access to our new podcasts just as soon as they publish. Our first episode diving into the impact of AI on the finance industry will be available next week!

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