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New York, NY

A New Chapter in Financial Modeling: Numerix’s PolyPaths Update Leaves LIBOR Behind

Numerix is pleased to announce significant enhancements across the PolyPaths product suite. Numerix's PolyPaths team has successfully navigated the transition from London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), implementing thorough upgrades to default settings to align with a post-LIBOR framework. This update includes a top-down review of all PolyPaths' default pricing and market rate assumptions.

"This update represents a pivotal shift in our approach. Given the prolonged prevalence of LIBOR as a benchmark in fixed-income risk management, it was deeply woven into many aspects of risk management for fixed income, making transitioning to a post-LIBOR environment imperative," stated Kelli Sayres, Senior Managing Director with Numerix. "Our philosophy has always been to provide reasonable out-of-the-box defaults while still providing flexibility for clients who would like it."

Less than a year following its acquisition, PolyPaths has seamlessly blended into the Numerix ecosystem by enhancing its integration tools, including a new Valuation API and expanded scripting options. These architectural enhancements ensure an unparalleled integration experience, streamlining operations and fostering innovation across both platforms for Numerix and its clientele.

"At Numerix, we are dedicated to promoting innovation and collaboration," remarked Satyam Kancharla, the Chief Product Officer. "This major release post-acquisition is a testament to our team's rigorous efforts to ensure seamless integration. We have introduced diverse reporting capabilities, focusing on client-centric enhancements, enhancing their ability to access and utilize upstream data for downstream analytics."

The annual update also introduces features designed to support a broad spectrum of client needs, including flexible loan features, Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) modeling, and inflation risk management. To learn more, please contact the Numerix sales team at sales-at-numerix-dot-com. 

About Numerix - Since its founding in 1996, Numerix has been at the vanguard of financial technology, providing groundbreaking expertise, quantitative analytics, and software that redefines pricing and risk management in the financial markets. With the strategic acquisitions of FINCAD and PolyPaths, Numerix has further strengthened its leadership position, empowering financial institutions worldwide to transform risk into opportunities with confidence.   

Numerix is headquartered in New York City. This strategic location places Numerix at the epicenter of the world's financial markets, allowing for immediate access to the latest trends, innovations, and thought leaders in the industry. Numerix also has a robust international presence with offices strategically located in ten other countries around the globe. This extensive network enables Numerix to offer localized support and services to its diverse clientele while drawing on global insights and expertise.


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