Applying AI to Streamline the LIBOR Transition

Learn how Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology is being deployed to address LIBOR contract renegotiation challenges and impacted operational and technology requirements.

The alternative reference rate debate today is centered around the timing of the transition, the specifics of the alternative reference rates, term structures and spreads and the lack of liquidity in new AAR products. However, what is being managed as a regulatory compliance project, is in fact a significant market driven financial risk event that could result in material PnL losses, massive litigation and operational chaos.

The biggest and most expensive challenges of managing this transition includes renegotiating millions of contracts that reference LIBOR, operationalizing the updated renegotiated terms and legacy contract terms and managing the risks of the transition.

Join Gary Mandelblatt of NextGen Strategic advisors as he explores how artificial intelligence can be used to address $350 trillion of financial contracts affected by the global LIBOR transition. He covers:

  • Examine that LIBOR transition as a perfect storm of financial risk events
  • Discuss the profit opportunity in the transition; analyzing contract details and negotiations
  • Introduce a new AI driven LIBOR transition capability tool developed in collaboration with Numerix
  • Key Takeaways

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