Inside Numerix’s R&D: How & Why We Built a Cloud-Native Compute Engine

Discover how Numerix shifted Oneview, its flagship software, to a cloud-native architecture and the benefits this provides to users.

The cloud has received much attention over the last two years, especially as the COVID pandemic forced many employees to work from home and they encountered challenges using their on-premise systems remotely. As a result, many software vendors and capital market institutions have shifted – or are contemplating how to shift – their software applications to the cloud.

But what does it really mean to “shift to the cloud”?  What is the optimal way to do this?  Is it really worth it in the long run?

Join Numerix’s VP of CrossAsset Server, Daniel Wan, and Stephanie Chan, Director, Product Marketing, as they discuss how Numerix shifted its flagship software, Oneview, to a cloud-native architecture, and how this provides substantial benefits to Numerix clients.

In the webinar, Daniel and Stephanie discussed:

  • What a “cloud-native” application is, and how it differs from “lift-and-shift”
  • How serverless computing works
  • The thinking and design principles behind Numerix’s cloud compute engine (CCE), and how it utilizes AWS services and tools
  • How the cloud-native paradigm provides benefits to both Numerix and its clients
  • A case study outlining the performance and cost benefits of the CCE for a client

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