Real-Time Risk Management at the Enterprise Level: Uses and Benefits for Risk Managers

In partnership with Numerix & IOWArocks

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The unprecedented market volatility of 2020 exposed the shortcomings of traditional end-of-day enterprise risk metrics. In this webinar hosted by CubeLogic, in partnership with Numerix, IOWArocks and PRMIA, market experts come together to examine the role real-time enterprise risk measurement and reporting has to play in practice today.

Discussion points the roundtable addresses include:

  • Examination of the most important metrics to bring into real-time
  • The benefits, effective deployment, and uses by risk managers
  • Uses in market risk, credit risk and liquidity risk
  • The market best-practice trends and outlook for next in 3-5 years
  • Challenges to achieving real-time risk
  • Downsides of using real-time risk at the enterprise level and uses suited for end-of-day metrics
  • Risk manager tools that would benefit the most from an upgrade to real-time

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