Front Office Automation: Key to Surviving the Markets of Tomorrow

The electronification of the capital markets has been ongoing for the best part of two decades, although large parts of the over-the-counter (OTC) and structured products markets remain stubbornly manual.

Market participants are increasingly looking to automate these aspects of their business by developing and deploying multi-asset trading platforms, allowing them to identify liquidity, execute and manage orders efficiently, hedge their positions, and ensure their compliance with increasingly broad regulatory mandates.

This webcast addressed the following issues: 

  • The tangible business and operational benefits capital markets firms stand to gain by developing and deploying automated, multi-asset trading platforms to support their OTC and structured products businesses 
  • The technology and operational challenges capital markets firms need to consider when looking to automate aspects of their currently manually-intensive trading activities
  • How capital markets can make the business case for automating various aspects of their OTC and structured products businesses, and what they should look for in a potential technology/service partner


  • Satyam Kancharla, Chief Strategy Officer & Senior Vice President, Client Solutions Group, Numerix
  • David Li, Managing Director and Head of Rates Quantitative Analysis, Citigroup Global Markets
  • Sri Malladi, Director, Data and Statistics Group, Federal Reserve Bank of New York


  • Victor Anderson, Editor in Chief, Waters Technology

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