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Decrypting Crypto: Explaining the Market and Understanding the Requirements for Successful Institutional Participation

The crypto market has stood out as one of the most lucrative trading ecosystems as market participants maintain positive speculations about the potential of digital assets. For sure, these assets have experienced mind-blowing highs over the last several years. However, it doesn’t always work that way as crypto investments have also delivered devastating lows and have proven to be extremely volatile.

This whitepaper takes an institutional perspective in examining the multiple dynamics of the cryptocurrency sector. 

Jim Jockle, Executive Vice President and Numerix’s Chief Marketing Officer, meets with Nick Alabaster, Director of Pre Sales for the EMEA region at Numerix and our inhouse expert on all things crypto, to discuss the following aspects of the cryptocurrency phenomenon:

  • How a growing, vested institutional interest in the crypto market is helping to make it more stable.
  • The top-of-mind issues among institutions considering participation in crypto trading activity.
  • The fundamental issues and technology challenges behind the adoption of crypto assets.
  • The range of crypto derivative products available in the market.
  • The major barriers to institutional participation.
  • The tools and processes needed to successfully manage a crypto business.
  • What is required to manage the risk and volatility associated with this complex and nuanced market sector.
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