How the Complexity of Today’s Business Reality May Demand a Cloud Services Approach
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How the Complexity of Today’s Business Reality May Demand a Cloud Services Approach

For a few years now we have been living through a paradigm shift in technology, experiencing an era of immense innovation, powerful digitalization and platform modernization. Within the capital markets, when it comes to trading and risk management technology, we see financial services institutions increasingly embracing one particular dynamic technology: the cloud.

In this Q&A, James Jockle, Numerix’s Chief Marketing Officer, holds a discussion with Ben Meyvin, Senior Vice President of Global Managed Services, regarding how valuable harnessing the cloud through Software as a Service (SaaS) and Risk as a Service (RaaS) models can be for helping to manage the increasing complexities of running a derivatives trading business, including getting risk management right, and for keeping up to pace with the more dominant, budget-rich players in the market.

They cite advantages such as:

  • Reduce operational burden yet increase operational efficiency
  • Increase operational accessibility, flexibility and agility
  • Access the same advanced risk software that top tier competitors use
  • Be able to more quickly take advantage of market opportunities
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Meet the relentless onslaught of regulations
  • Potentially reduce business costs

Risk is an increasingly complex challenge for the modern financial business, and the delivery of risk services remotely is becoming increasing more popular within the financial industry. RaaS enables financial institutions to access highly sophisticated risk management tools—such as for risk analytics, calculations, derivatives pricing—over the cloud rather than through an in-house system.

Ben Meyvin, SVP, Global Managed Services

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