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New Technology Is Redefining the Success of the Front Office

The landscape of front office technology has seen several developments over the past few years. Some of these include the increasing popularity and use of the cloud, wider use of data analytics, and the accelerated use of technologies that provide enhanced efficiency and flexibility.

To learn and better understand how new technologies are changing the ways financial institutions operate, invest and trade, download this Q&A with Numerix’s Chief Product Officer, Satyam Kancharla, who discusses how firms, in their quest for increased performance, are rethinking trading infrastructures and are integrating a vast array of enabling technologies to better manage risk and improve profitability.

He focuses attention on key topics, including:

  • The gains the front office can experience with cloud technologies, such as compute elasticity, greater agility, and better risk mitigation.
  • How AI and big data analytics can provide front office teams with greater clarity and understanding of the many factors that could influence their trading decisions.
  • The multiple benefits offered by a Risk as a Service (RaaS) model, such as allowing organizations to have greater options in choosing risk services.
  • How “QuantTech” can be leveraged to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as modernize trading and risk platforms.

What the cloud offers is just too powerful not to use.

Satyam Kancharla, Numerix’s Chief Product Officer

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