Risk.net: Next-generation technologies and the future of trading
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Risk.net: Next-generation technologies and the future of trading

At a Risk.net webinar conducted in association with Numerix, a panel of industry experts shared their insights and observations regarding the role emerging technologies, particularly the public cloud, are playing in enabling financial firms to boost investment performance, increase operational efficiency, and enhance risk management.

This paper examines these key points and several others expressed by the panel during the webinar, including:

  • What the industry can gain from stepping up adoption of the public cloud, which can include greater agility, real-time data and better risk mitigation.
  • How the use of cloud technologies in the front office has changed over the past few years, due primarily to technology transformation projects, market dynamics and regulatory pressures.
  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning allow users to more rapidly build an effective front-office decision support infrastructure, including the ability to capture data regarding behavioral patterns, the timings of trades, success or failure rates of RFQs, and information about different asset classes.
  • The efficiencies of the public cloud have proven to lead to performance gains.
  • Creating the front office of the future will mean overcoming challenges—from bringing down the barriers posed by legacy infrastructure to investment constraints to skill sets and personnel.

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