Key benefits

  • Risk-adjusted pricing insights

    Gain a competitive edge by accurately pricing complex derivatives, factoring in risk adjustments. Our analytics provide a holistic view of market dynamics, enhancing your trading decisions.

  • Efficient valuation

    Our libraries offer robust models and efficient computation, enabling you to assess risk and optimize portfolio performance.

  • Real-time scenario analysis

    Test hypotheses and stress scenarios in real time. Our analytics empower quants to explore market fluctuations, assess hedging strategies, and make informed decisions swiftly.

  • Model choice

    Access an extensive range of models covering diverse asset classes. Our comprehensive library ensures you have the tools needed to tackle any derivatives challenge with confidence.

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Exotic Derivatives

The award-winning pricing and risk analytics library provides the industry’s most comprehensive cross-asset class library of market-standard models and advanced numerical methods.

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Vanilla Derivatives

Unlock the potential of your financial strategies and experience unparalleled precision and ease in managing your OTC and exchange-traded vanilla derivatives.

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Fixed Income & Structured Finance

Using Numerix analytics, you can accurately calculate PV and Greeks on a deal and a portfolio level. You can equally stress-test, value, perform hedges and even run hedging effectiveness reports.

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