Accelerate Your LIBOR Transition

As we enter the final stretch of the LIBOR transition, many financial institutions are still struggling to move on to new Risk-Free Rates (RFRs), especially for new issuances. With the remaining LIBOR tenors to transition to SOFR in less than a year’s time, market participants need to proactively evaluate their technology and analytics to ensure a smooth transition to RFRs.


24 of the 35 LIBOR settings are no longer available and the remaining 5 USD LIBOR settings will cease on June 30, 2023.

Are you ready to transition from LIBOR to RFRs?

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What’s next in the LIBOR to SOFR Transition?

As we enter the final stages of the LIBOR transition, here are the key things your team should focus on to minimize the potential impact on your business:

Understand the latest current state of RFR derivatives adoption:

  • How new RFRs have been adopted in derivatives markets around the globe
  • Recent trends in the volumes and liquidity in term SOFR rate products, RFR options, caps and floors, and other complex products

Solve any outstanding valuation and pricing hurdles:

  • Resolve challenges in modelling volatility in SOFR and other overnight rates
  • Assess if you can properly issue, price, and hedge non-linear derivatives – such as options, caps and floors – that are poorly suited to RFR benchmarks
  • Assess if you can properly issue, price, and hedge term SOFR or SOFR-linked notes

Assess if your current technology and analytics can manage and accurately value legacy contracts and issue new RFR products:

  • Is your technology and analytics able to support pricing with both the LIBOR and RFR curve before, during and after the transition, as well as support new RFR discounting for different products?
  • Are you able to rapidly introduce new RFR conventions and instruments ?
  • Is your current system able to model complex and emerging RFR products such as term SOFR/SOFR-linked notes and non-linear derivatives?
  • Is your analytics able to represent market realities and capture curve features, including turn effects, meeting dates, and coupons?

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