Market leaders can’t afford to wait around for pricing analytics to catch up to new alternative reference rates. Staying
  ahead of the curve through the LIBOR transition demands a flexible, cutting-edge pricing framework that can deliver
  first-to-market advantage for evolving rates and uncompromising accuracy.

  Numerix Keeps You Ahead of the Curve.

Stay on Top of New Developments as they Happen.

The 5 Top-of-Mind Issues
Dominating the LIBOR

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Progress of Alternative Rates
Towards LIBOR

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Preparing for a World
Without LIBOR:
Where Are We Now?

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Numerix CrossAsset for the LIBOR Transition

100% SOFR & SONIA Curve Coverage: Market-leading support for Alternative Reference Rates (ARRs). Extensive SOFR and SONIA coverage that’s easily extensible to future ARRs.
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Cutting-Edge, Flexible Framework: Advanced and generalized curve building architecture enables rapid adoption of new ARRs. Model complex curve features such as turn effects and meeting dates. Maximize accuracy via global solving of multiple curves simultaneously across multiple currencies.
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Fast Integration of New ARR Curves Into Your Tech Stack: Whether at the heart of your Numerix solutions or integrated into other pricing and risk systems, CrossAsset’s market-ready analytics can accelerate your LIBOR transition.
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Market-Leading Analytics: Award-winning models and a cutting-edge multi-curve framework power the accurate and fast pricing of any derivative across any asset class.with Oneview for Trading
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