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In fast-moving markets, traders, risk managers, and executives need real-time information to keep pace and make sound decisions. The demand for real-time decision-support information is greater than ever. To support evolving business needs today’s Quants need powerful modeling tools and analytics for development, sandboxing ideas, and production tasks.


NxCore was conceived in order provide clients with the components to build and configure applications, featuring trading, risk and XVA support, thus obviating the need for them to choose between the two extremes of developing a complete platform in-house or implement a closed, black-box, off-the-shelf system.

Comprising APIs, sample applications and a microservices-based architecture, users can mix and match only the NxCore components they require. It is enterprise-grade scalable—it can be deployed at scale with hundreds or thousands of cores—it is real-time, and can be integrated into a bigger platform or run as a standalone application or service, either in the cloud or in-house.

“We started with the lowest layer—the analytics, the model libraries and the calculations. Then we built out layers above that for managing the data, the compute scalability allowing clients to run calculations over thousands of cores, and the visualization [functionality], all of which are built as microservices, which means they are individual components. They have their own APIs and they can be used as standalone components or in combination with others—NxCore is really the productization of all of these components.”

- Satyam Kancharla, Executive Vice President Chief Product Officer in Numerix’s Client Solutions Group

NxCore was named Best Sell-Side Analytics product of the Year in the 2021 WatersTechnology Sell Side Technology Awards. Access the below PDF to read the full winner's profile.

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