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Utilizing Best Practices in Data Management to Avoid Regulatory Headaches and Market Risk Losses

Data management has become a serious subject for both regulators and capital market firms as they strive to avoid another financial crisis and P&L losses. It is increasingly difficult for large firms to manage complex, multi-asset class datasets across numerous trading and risk systems while maintaining data integrity, completeness and timeliness. Organizations expect fewer people to work on more projects with tighter deadlines, while expectations for data quality remain very high.

Regulations make matters even more complex. Regulations such as the Basel Committee’s Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) help steer attention away from an over-reliance on Value at Risk (VaR) to focus risk management energies on worst case scenarios and tail risk measures such as Expected Shortfall, as well as trying to add an element of liquidity risk calculations into capital buffers. This suggests risk models’ sensitivities to outliers will become even greater, thereby placing more reliance on validating those outliers. Therefore, implementing a strategic data management plan is necessary to assist in the acquisition, validation, and correction of bad/wrong data so organizations can not only comply with regulations but thrive and prosper in the new regulatory climate.

On Wednesday, June 15th featured speakers Naj Alavi and Mark Woodgate of Xenomorph discussed how a robust data management framework can help improve risk management and regulatory compliance practices. Joined by Dr. Yonggang Hu of Numerix, they will present a working example illustrating the importance of proper data management to avoid future regulatory issues and P&L losses.

The presenters discussed:

  • Current data management practices and why they fall short
  • The regulatory landscape and what it means for all of us – short term pain for long term gain
  • Case study example with several derivative trades
  • The nirvana state of data management for risk

Attendance is complimentary, Registration is required. Space is limited, reserve your seat today!

Featured Speakers:

Mark WoodgateMark Woodgate, Founding Partner, Xenomorph
Mark Woodgate specializes in managing customer implementation projects and coordinating Xenomorph’s partner activities in the Americas. Prior to joining Xenomorph, he worked for Logica plc, working on a variety of large, database-related IT projects for the British Government and the Security Services. In 1988, Mr. Woodgate graduated with Honors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College, University of London. During that time, he was sponsored by GEC Avionics where he worked on radar, missile and airborne Early Warning systems.

Naj AlaviNaj Alavi, Managing Director, Xenomorph
Naj Alavi is responsible for managing Xenomorph's operations in the Americas. Prior to Xenomorph, he worked for CMG Logica, Xansa and First Direct in sales, business development, and technical roles. In 1995, Mr. Alavi graduated with honors in Applied Software Engineering from Birmingham City University.

Yonggang HuYonggang Hu, PhD, Director of Financial Engineering, Numerix
As Director of Financial Engineering at Numerix, Yonggang Hu works with clients to help price and model vanilla and exotic products across multiple asset classes including Equities, FX, Commodities and Hybrids. During his early career at Numerix, Dr. Hu also served as a Consultant and Quantitative Analyst for the Lehman Brothers estate, where he marked-to-market and analyzed risk of derivative trades in the Lehman portfolio. He holds a PhD in Physics from Dartmouth College in Hanover NH.

Greg Murray

Moderator: Greg Murray, Vice President, Product Marketing, Numerix
Greg Murray oversees product marketing initiatives at Numerix, focusing on go-to-market strategies and marketing of Numerix’s derivative pricing and risk analytics. Prior to his current role, Mr. Murray worked in derivative analytics sales roles at Numerix and at other software firms. He also held derivative trading positions for seven years as an option market-maker and proprietary trader across a variety of asset classes.

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