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NxCore Named Best Cutting-Edge Solution in FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2021

Numerix’s cloud-based capital markets development platform NxCore honored for a second time

Numerix, the leader in risk technology, announces that its real-time capital markets app development platform, NxCore was named Best Cutting-Edge Solution in the 2021 FTF News Technology Awards. The FTF award program celebrates and recognizes the professionals, financial technology vendors, service providers, industry bodies and regulators that have made significant strides and noteworthy achievements in operational excellence during 2020.

NxCore is a microservices-based solution that enables quant researchers, developers, and traders to sandbox, build and configure any app in a dynamic developer environment. Designed to provide users with the components to build and configure their front- and middle-office platforms, featuring trading, risk and XVA support, custom applications can also be created using a powerful set of analytics, data and cloud compute tools.

“The vision for NxCore came from the need to provide greater focus on user experience for developers, and supporting workflows like versioning, testing and escalation to production. With functionality accessible through Python APIs, it is now possible to develop, test and execute NxCore applications entirely in Python,” said Steve O’Hanlon, CEO of Numerix. “What began with a library, and evolved to deliver full-stack software solutions, we’re proud of our continued innovation, especially those focused on making it easier for clients to use and build their own custom applications. Thank you to all of the market participants that voted for us in this prestigious program.”

NxCore provides the ability to work in a sandbox giving users the ability to experiment, and also to publish work as tools that others can reuse. Comprising APIs, sample applications and a microservices-based architecture, users can mix and match only the NxCore components they require. It is enterprise-grade scalable—it can be deployed at scale with hundreds or thousands of cores—it is real time, and can be integrated into a bigger platform or run as a standalone application or service, either in the cloud or in-house.

To learn more about NxCore or to speak with a sales representation visit: Numerix NxCore

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