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Exos Financial Uses Numerix CrossAsset SDK Python to Scale Up Risk Analytics

In this video, Philippe Hatstadt, Chief Risk Officer of Exos Financial, discusses why and how his firm used Numerix CrossAsset SDK Python to fill a need for a comprehensive multi-asset and derivatives risk management analytics and valuation library that it could integrate into its own proprietary risk and valuation platform.

One of the key results was that the Exos risk management application could now essentially do anything the firm wanted while preserving flexibility as the turnaround time to add new instrument types and related valuation analytics had been optimized. Exos had also been put in a position to maximize the efficiency of how it uses the Numerix library.

About Exos Financial

Exos Financial was founded in 2018 by Brady Dougan, the former CEO of Credit Suisse, with the goal of building a state-of-the-art, next generation platform for B2B institutional finance. The platform is designed to deliver all the services of a traditional investment bank, reimagined and tailored to a modern digital world, all integrated into a powerful, modern technology platform driven by data and data science. The firm has also launched a series of businesses designed to give it a foothold in a number of key areas of institutional finance, while serving as a proof of concept for its technology.


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