Modernizing Risk Management Technology: Has the Game Changed?

Numerix Webinar Featuring Coalition Greenwich & Banorte

Markets across all asset classes have been volatile and unpredictable in 2022, making market risk managers’ jobs more challenging than ever.  With stubbornly high inflation, fast-rising interest rates, the war in Ukraine, supply chain challenges, a potential recession on the horizon, and geopolitical shifts in various jurisdictions, the world has become very complex indeed, and risks abound.

Nevertheless, sell-side risk managers need to do their best to manage the risks, and while the core principles of market risk management haven’t necessarily changed, the technologies and data available to them have improved dramatically over the last decade.

So, how are risk managers making sense of the complex and rapidly shifting world around them, and ensuring their institutions don’t get stung by unforeseen losses?

Join Numerix’s Chief Marketing Officer, James Jockle, as he moderates a discussion with Audrey Blater of Coalition Greenwich and Abraham Izquierdo of Banorte about how sell-side firms around the world are dealing with the current macroeconomic and geopolitical risks.

During the webinar, Audrey presented some of her recent research on this topic, and she and Abraham discussed:

  • Importance of data in the new macroeconomic regime
  • Dealing with unprecedented volatility in global markets
  • Counterparty credit risk in a volatile macroeconomic regime
  • Managing regulatory compliance while searching for new opportunities
  • Key findings of Audrey’s research

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