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Real-Time Risk Management in Practice: The Experts’ Views

The word “real time” is used frequently in discussions related to risk management, especially as it pertains to technology innovation. It is one thing to talk about real-time risk management in a theoretical sense, it is quite another to talk about it in practice.

This whitepaper provides an overview of some of the key topics discussed by a group of market experts during a roundtable webinar hosted by CubeLogic in partnership with Numerix and PRMIA. Various applications of risk management in real time were examined, including, among others:

  • How “real time” can mean different things depending on its different uses as well as business needs.
  • The differences between real-time enterprise risk management and real-time decision making at the trading level.
  • The most important metrics in a real-time context for three market segments: prime brokerage, crypto and commodities.
  • The data challenges risk managers face when trying to achieve their real-time risk ambitions.

To view the webinar from which this paper was derived, Real-Time Risk Management: Uses and Benefits for Risk Managers, access it here.


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