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White Paper: The LIBOR Transition Story Is Not Yet Over: Our Experts Reflect on 5 of the Remaining Core Issues and Challenges

There are five remaining U.S. dollar
LIBOR rates that are scheduled to cease publication at the end of June 2023. Market participants should not assume that this final transition from LIBOR will move forward without issues. In this paper, two Numerix experts share what they believe are some of the most significant themes and concerns that exist as firms plan ahead.



NxCore Cloud in Action: Examples of Capital Market Apps & How They Were Built

In these chaotic markets, trading and risk teams demand more information at faster speeds to support their
decision making. This leaves quants and developers scrambling to build analyses and apps as fast as they
can to meet this demand.

Numerix built NxCore Cloud, a next generation capital markets development platform, to help these quants and developers build, test, and deploy the needed apps faster than ever before. In this webinar, Dr. Matteo Bedini of Numerix shares some examples of the apps built with NxCore Cloud
and the thinking behind them.  WATCH TODAY

Portfolio Management Using Advanced Market &
Credit Simulations

Given unprecedented market volatility, high inflation,
and a potential recession on the horizon, having a better view of the future risk/return of a portfolio has never been more important to investment firms. Watch Numerix and FinX Capital Markets discuss how scenario generation and asset projection tools can be used to drive strategic asset allocation and investment decisions during the current environment.  ACCESS NOW

Numerix Wins Distinctive Innovation Award
Numerix is a capital markets technology leader whose innovative solutions empower clients to meet their complex business challenges in more accurate and profitable ways. That’s why we are excited to be named "Most innovative third-party technology vendor
(analytics)" by WatersTechnology’s American Financial Technology Awards 2022. Check out the WatersTechnology profile and learn how Numerix’s two-factor Quasi-Gaussian Andersen model enables clients to more accurately handle stochastic spreads between different commodity underlyings. 

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