Thinking Derivatively - January 2019 Issue


A Strategy for Capital Markets Success in 2019 and Beyond

Transformative forces are rapidly changing the capital markets landscape. Learn about four key technologies and market movements that we believe derivatives industry participants should embrace as part of their strategy for succeeding faster and more securely in 2019 and beyond.



Innovation | Trends in Fixed Income Dealing
We see a new and different competitive environment taking shape among fixed income dealers. Their decision making today is being influenced by many factors, with technology serving as the foundational cause of many of these influencers. This blog
examines how technology is becoming a transforming agent in fixed income markets.


LIBOR Webinar Series | Part II: Understanding SOFR
This second part of our LIBOR webinar series discusses SOFR, the new U.S. LIBOR alternative benchmark. The webinar examines the impact SOFR will have on the financial markets, and particularly
what the transition to SOFR can mean to the derivatives industry.

MVA in Focus | Forecasting Initial Margin
Initial margin requirements are a key factor affecting trading economics due to
the associated funding costs. This is where MVA comes in. This presentation discusses how initial margin should be forecasted for both client trades and for their hedges, and reflected in MVA. The
                                           presentation also provides insight into
                                           this complex challenge.
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Upcoming Events and Webinars

January 17th | LIBOR Webinar Series - Part III: Moving Beyond LIBOR with Numerix's Advanced Multi-Curve Framework

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