Thinking Derivatively – October 2021 Newsletter

  october 2021 NEWSLETTER

New White Paper | New Technology Is Redefining the Success of the Front Office

The traditional front office trading model may soon see fundamental transformation driven by next generation technologies. In this white paper, Numerix leaders point to several key innovations being adopted by front offices to enhance their trading operations, boost investment performance, better manage risk, and enhance operational competence.


Most Viewed Webinar of 2021: Neural Networks with Asymptotics Control
We're already three quarters through the year! In this period, we've delivered 10 webinars to you, and we thought we would feature our most popular webinar
of the year so far. Watch this on-demand session,
which explores some of the advantages and use
cases for applying machine learning, deep learning,
and neural networks in mathematical finance.
                                         The research presented here also covers areas such
                                         as neural networks and their use in finance.   
                                         WATCH ON-DEMAND>>

Numerix NEXT 2021—Only One Week to Go

Don’t miss out! This year’s fully virtual NEXT, to
be held on October 13, will cover topics including: what’s new with Numerix products, our areas of
focus for quantitative research, trends in cloud adoption, overcoming the challenges of digital transformation, new ways to utilize innovative technology solutions, and much more. There will be
two opportunities for attendees to join NEXT 2021,
                                          one for our APAC community and one for our
                                          Americas and EMEA communities, with one agenda
                                          for both events.                                        
                                          REGISTER TODAY>>

New Webinar 10/20 | Transforming Treasury and Derivatives Management Post Covid-19

This webinar was rescheduled to October 20. Hosted by and Numerix, the session will examine
new strategies to enhance a derivatives business
and treasury management in the face of Covid-19, regulatory changes and counterparty risk.
The webinar will also discuss how to leverage the automation of derivatives trading to withstand
                                          future volatility and control transaction costs.
                                          REGISTER NOW>>

Upcoming Events and Webinars

October 13 | NEXT 2021

October 20 | Asia Risk Webinar

Please visit Numerix On-Demand Webinars for more information.

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