The financial services industry has been in a state of rapid flux ever since the first of a series of critical reforms were implemented, namely Dodd-Frank, in 2010, as well as because of the onset of disruptive technologies and new set of competitors emerging from the fintech industry.

It can be argued that some of the most significant seismic shifts are being experienced in the capital markets. The above-mentioned developments are brewing a perfect storm of conditions that are fundamentally altering the economics and trading operations of investment banks and, to a lesser extent but still at a critical degree, hedge funds.

In this white paper, Steven O’Hanlon, Chief Executive Officer and President of Numerix, discusses what he sees as the new best practices capital markets players need to undertake to succeed in today’s capital markets reality. These include:

•    Adopting Next-Generation Operating Models
•    Solving for Bank Capital and Margin Requirements
•    Embracing Innovative Fintech
•    Digitalizing Processes
•    Modernizing and Simplifying IT and Risk Oriented Technology Systems

While there are fintech companies that exist as direct challengers to financial services institutions, Mr. O’Hanlon also highlights how there are many fintech firms that are collaborative with the industry and are succeeding in helping institutions absorb the disruption presented by regulatory turmoil, operational transformation, and new business challenges.


Author Biography

Steve O'Hanlon, President & Chief Executive Officer, Numerix LLC

Steve O'Hanlon is president and CEO of Numerix, a Fintech specializing in solutions for capital markets. O'Hanlon has spent his 25+ year career in leadership positions growing start-ups and SMBs across the financial services technology industry. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. Today O'Hanlon is focused on building businesses, promoting a digital mindset and driving success.


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New Best Practices for Operating in Today's Capital Markets Reality