Preparing for Future Market Shocks in the Japanese Market (Japanese Language)

About the session:

COVID-19 has prompted many Japanese institutions to re-evaluate their risk management practices and better prepare for future shocks. In this session, Kentaro Suito, Senior Sales Director, Japan, interviews Yingqi Zhu, Presales Consultant, Business Development APAC, and Shie Otsuka, VP, Pre-Sales & Quantitative Support, Japan, about some of the challenges Japanese market participants are currently facing and how they can leverage technology to better manage risk and become more resilient in the future.


Yingqi Zhu, Presales Consultant, Business Development APAC

Yingqi works together with system vendors and consulting firms to provide solutions to financial institutions in APAC region with his technical and analytic background in LIBOR Transition as well as Pricing, XVA and Risk Management.

Shie Otsuka, Pre-sales and Quantitative Support

Shie Otsuka joined Numerix in 2014, she has been providing consultancy and quantitative support to many financial institutions in Japan in derivatives pricing and risk management.

Prior to joining Numerix, she served about 15 years in Banks and Securities companies as a Market Risk Officer.

Kentaro Suito, Senior Sales Manager, Japan

Kentaro Suito joined Numerx in 2019 and heads its sales efforts in Japan. Prior to joining Numerix, he was a sales manager at MSCI and Bloomberg L.P. in their Portfolio and Risk Management departments.

Prior to joining the financial technology industry, Kentaro served as a scientist at the RIKEN Research Institute in the Research Center for Allergy and Immunology. He earned a master’s degree in management of technology from the Tokyo Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s of science degree in basic human sciences from Waseda University.


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