Across the capital markets electronic solutions are being embraced to address not only standardized derivatives contracts, but the most complex structured products. OTC derivatives are now increasingly traded digitally.

To examine the growing use and dynamic technology being used by financial institutions, private banks and product distributors to trade derivatives products electronically, SRP recently published a comprehensive Structured Products Platforms Report detailing the main single and multi-issuer platforms in production today.

The complete report examines 33 sell-side and fintech vendors as well as the results of a buy-side survey, where 47 businesses provided their views, opinions and feedback on how they are reacting to the increasing availability of electronic trading for complex derivatives.

In this 2-page feature profile, SRP interviews Numerix CEO, Steve O’Hanlon, Chief Strategy Officer, Satyam Kancharla, and CMO, James Jockle to discuss the growing adoption of Numerix Oneview platform  and integrated technologies for improving performance around workflow and automation of structured products.

The profile contains:

  • Background and introduction on Numerix Oneview for structured products distribution and investment

  • The details of an OTC derivative and structured product price discovery and request for quote automation case study

  • A discussion around single-issuer platforms and Numerix's future collaboration with multi-dealer networks

  • Key differentiators of the Oneview platform and future innovations

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