Thinking Derivatively – April 2021 Newsletter


New Paper | The Top 5 Themes
Driving the LIBOR Transition in 2021

This paper highlights five top market
themes that deserve examination,
including: the true end date of LIBOR,
the outlook for a forward-looking term
SOFR rate, the impact of IBOR fallbacks,
the SOFR cross-currency market,
and the role of Ameribor.
Read More >> Webinar | Modifying Market Risk Management
a Year After COVID-19

The market environment under which portfolios were managed pre-pandemic is different than the
environment under which portfolios are managed today.
In this webinar, industry experts discuss how capital
markets participants revised their market risk
management practices and what this
means for the future.
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Is Your Firm Ready to Stop Trading Libor-Based

All new USD and GBP derivatives contracts will need to transition to alternative rates by December 31, 2021.
Don't wait until the last minute. Bring new products to
market fast with Numerix’s industry-leading ARR

On-Demand Resource | Adopting a Cloud-Based Risk Management Strategy
Financial services institutions are increasingly
embracing innovative cloud-based technology for risk management. Watch this webinar and walk away
with a better understanding of how Numerix and
Microsoft are helping businesses adopt winning cloud capabilities and discover the many advantages
behind processing risk workloads in the cloud.
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Upcoming Events and Webinars

May 24 | QuantMinds in Focus

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