Jan 12, 2017

2017 Briefing: What You Need to Know for the Year Ahead in Capital Markets

To Our Readers:
A belated Happy New Year to our Numerix Blog readers, we raise our glass to you – our clients, peers and partners – thank you for entrusting us to bring you insights and research in 2016. As we toast to new beginnings, we at Numerix are especially excited for the promise that 2017 holds as we continue to broaden our horizons beyond pricing and risk analytics to serve our clients in a greater capacity as a technology leader in capital markets.  

2017 will not fall short in presenting a host of issues to discuss. A dense regulatory environment, a new White House administration, elections across Europe – and above all the business impact each may have – top the list for the general knowns and unknowns for what the new year will bring.

With that the Numerix Blog team has our eyes fixed on key challenges ahead for the year and our latest issue of Derivative Insights and Innovations, our monthly newsletter) took on the task of laying out a critical briefing focusing on just these key priorities for 2017. Through this collection of must-read resources for tackling 2017, we highlight how taking strategic steps now can set the right course for FRTB and risk management, as well as lead to differentiating opportunities over the longer-term horizon, and also bring into focus the new paradigm through which to view technology, architecture and data management.

We've converted the issue into blog form below, and if you find it useful we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter mailing list so that you can get complimentary access to resources and insights like this throughout the year. Additionally, we are here to serve you, so if there are issues you'd like us to cover in the year ahead, email us directly by clicking here.

James J. Jockle
Chief Marketing Officer, Numerix

Architecture, Data & Technology

Vantage Point  

Numerix Vantage Point Series | Five Questions that Reveal FRTB’s Real Business Impact

Five questions leaders should ask IT during the early stages of FRTB implementation to grasp critical elements of the technological and operational dynamics that reveal the true business impact of this new regulation.
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FRTB: The Smoking Gun for Legacy Banking Technology  

FRTB: The Smoking Gun for Legacy Banking Technology

Aging infrastructure in banking has been over tasked, often hacked and band-aided to meet post crisis demands. Learn the risks these systems expose your bank to and the burgeoning approaches you’ll need in your arsenal for FRTB and beyond.
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Data Dependence Day: Risk Data Aggregation Challenges with FRTB and SA-CCR  

Data Dependence Day: Risk Data Aggregation Challenges with FRTB and SA-CCR

Banks who don’t tackle critical risk management tasks will put at risk the accuracy of data that underpins FRTB and SA-CCR calculation and reporting. Understand the challenges and learn how others are approaching them.
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FRTB Preparation & Implementation

Risk Special Report: FRTB Implementation Survey & Internal Risk Transfer

Key contributors from Risk.net share the results from their inaugural survey on FRTB. Numerix then provides perspective on FRTB implementation and developing a long term plan that aligns with broader IT architectural transformation within banks.
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  Risk Data Aggregation

Risk Special Report: Fundamental Review of the Trading Book

FRTB special report on key issues impacting FRTB planning, implementation and execution, with contributions from Numerix on a blueprint for FRTB implementation and insights on aligning FRTB fundamentals.
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  Risk FRTB Report

FRTB: Key Challenges and Implementation Headaches

An assessment of how the new FRTB framework, including both the new FRTB-Market Risk (FRTB-MR) and FRTB-CVA Risk frameworks, deviates from the existing Basel III capital framework, and summarizes some of the more nuanced issues the industry has raised concerns over throughout the course of 2016.
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FRTB Fundamentals Fast Track

On-demand educational resources that will help capital market practitioners get up to speed quickly on FRTB – from foundations to market risk capital fundamentals to the sensitivity based approach.
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  Fast track

Banking Transformation

Vantage Point Series  

Numerix Vantage Point Series | Transformation in Banking : 5 Priorities for 2017 and 5 Opportunities for the Future

Five priorities executives must execute on in 2017 addressing transformation in banking and five opportunities to consider when thinking beyond the year ahead
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FRTB and the Upcoming Renaissance in Market Risk Management, Part II  

FRTB and the Upcoming Renaissance in Market Risk Management, Part II

Celent provides a strategic and tactical guide to FRTB and technology based on FRTB implementation and solution evaluation best practices to date.
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Fintech Revolution & Digital Disruption Video Series  

Fintech Revolution & Digital Disruption Video Series

Five-part video blog series discussing how capital markets firms are gearing towards a digital culture and how some are distinguishing themselves in this new age.
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