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New York, London, Tokyo– April 11, 2007 – NumeriX, the independent leader in cross-asset derivatives pricing and valuation software, has partnered with IT&e, a leading provider of technology solutions to the financial services industry. NumeriX analytics have been integrated into Razor, IT&e’s award-winning risk management product, to provide additional support for pricing exotic derivatives in an Enterprise Risk Management environment.

“The partnership follows an increasing demand from institutional banks for more exotic products,” said Steven R. O’Hanlon, President and Chief Operating Officer. “Adding NumeriX analytics to Razor will offer institutional investors a more complete solution when managing market and credit risk.”

The partnership enables IT&e to reduce Razor implementation effort for any exotic products that were not previously supported. Prior to the partnership, any product gaps were addressed by the client implementing in-house pricing models via Razor’s C++ API.

As a result existing clients will now be able to broaden their product coverage and take advantage of the booming credit market. In addition, banks will also have the ability to create any new complex instruments within days due to the shortened development and testing time, thus improving their market position.

IT&e CEO, James Maranis, said, “With a staff of over 40 Ph.D. researchers with expertise in numerical algorithm research and scientific computing, partnering with NumeriX will provide Razor customers with access to industry leading derivatives analytics via this enhanced product offering. The unparalleled instrument and model coverage of the NumeriX analytics toolkit, and the speed and power of Razor, represent a very compelling combination for our clients.”

About IT&e

IT&e is a publicly listed Australian technology company that was established in 1999. The company’s core business competence is in the delivery of technology solutions to the financial services industry. IT&e is headquartered in Sydney, and has expanded its geographical operations to include 4 additional locations (Melbourne, London, New York and Chennai) delivering specialized technology expertise across the risk management, financial markets, equities and general banking businesses. IT&e offers a highly skilled and experienced team of 112 people who supply the delivery capability required by our blue-chip client base.

Razor is an enterprise-wide risk management software product which meets the credit and market risk management needs of global banks. Razor’s comprehensive limit management and risk measurement functionality enables the accurate measurement of risk in real-time. Razor was recognized by Risk Magazine as the 2004 Risk Management Software Product of the Year.

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About NumeriX

NumeriX is the award-winning, independent leader in pricing and risk analytics for fixed income, credit, foreign exchange, hybrids, cross currency, commodities, inflation rate and equity derivatives. NumeriX has a financial engineering and quantitative team composed largely of PhDs on the same scale as the very largest of financial institutions. More than 300 clients across 25 countries rely on NumeriX for speed and accuracy in valuing their structured products and derivatives. Trading and risk platform vendors leverage NumeriX analytics to gain a time-tomarket advantage by embedding the power of NumeriX into their systems. Founded in 1996, the company is privately held and has offices in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Singapore Hong Kong and

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